zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Ditch the Obsolete idea of Privacy

Should we ditch the idea of privacy? It’s Don Tapscot asking at Reuters. Frankly… Yes, I do think that we should ditch the current (totally obsolete) idea of privacy. And I also think that we should come up with a brand new idea of privacy.

Our current ideas of privacy are centered around several problems that arose while we gradually grew into our so-called information society. We need to come up with an idea of privacy that is centered around individual natural persons as participants in full blown information traffic.

What about this leading principle: “Person Information is Personal Property”?

Does it make sense? Does it feel natural? Information that is about Me… is Mine! Of course it is! Every natural person needs to be(come) – in principle – ‘the boss’ of his own personal information. Strong – isn’t it? Yes, indeed, it is!

There is – of course – more to say. Additional constitutional principles are necessary to reach and maintain societal trust, balance etc. For additional principles please do have a look at Person information in the information society, a manifesto.

In December 2011 the book Interoperabel Nederland came out (mainly Dutch). The third chapter of part III is titled Manifest voor informatieverkeer. Please don’t forget to have a look at appendix 2 “Grondwetherziening”. This important appendix starts with: “De Grondwet is aan herziening toe voor Nederland als een informatiemaatschappij. Hier volgt een concrete voorstel voor relevante artikelen.”

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