dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

On keeping things balanced

Mode needs Tradition
Ever changing Modes can only be witnessed against the more stable background that we call Tradition. Modes come and go rather quickly. And every now and then some elements of a Mode make it to the top and enter Tradition. Tradition changes (travels) at quite another pace. Thanks to this difference in travelling speed Modes can be witnessed. Without Tradition everything would be Mode and Mode soon would cease to exist.

Open needs Closed
As we all know… open is ‘rather’ popular nowadays. Open Data. Open Standards. Open Source. Open Anything. Is there anyone who doesn’t want Open?
But, then… at the moment everything is Open, Closed disappears from the scene. And the moment Closed is gone… Open gets lost as well. Open requires Closed. Without Closed there is no Open.
So… if we need something to be totally Open, we also need something else to be at least as totally Closed. Open can only manifest at a background of Closed.
How does the Closed exactly look on which Open lives and prospers and thrives?

Agile needs Solid
As we all know… Agile is ‘rather’ popular these days. Everything needs to Agile in order to keep up to the speed of today’s (ever increasing) dynamics.
But, then… Agile to what? Agile needs something else, something more slow and solid in order to be able to demonstrate its Agility on. When we emphasise agility, as we do right now, we get unbalanced, we all rush to the one side of our life boat – all watching – in awe – the new promise of Agility. And we neglect and forget about the solid grounds needed for Agility to become, be and stay durably Agile.
How does the Solid exactly look on which Agile lives and prospers and thrives?

Foreground needs Background

Flexible needs fixed

Loose needs Coupled

Traffic needs Traffic Infrastructure

Information needs Information Infrastructure


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