zaterdag 19 maart 2011

On being alive

This morning, march 19th 2011, I read a post of Tom Graves: On being and becoming. It motivated me to start writing. And thinking. Both resulted in the being of the text below. A text that gradually came into existence; into being.

Perhaps you have heard about the Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg. Freely translated: If we are certain about becoming, we are uncertain about being and if we are certain about being, we are uncertain about becoming.

Put in terms of a contragram (see J.D. Haynes): The being of coming is the coming of being. This contragram somehow reconciles the two – statics/being and dynamics/coming – in(to) be-coming. One can only be as a result of becoming and this resulting being immediately serves as the starting block for a next becoming – and so on. Isn’t that what life is about?

How about information about all this be-coming? Gregory Bateson said that information is always a difference – a difference that makes the difference. Information makes (motivates, emotes) us to move from one being (state) to another being (state). That move in between (becoming) is a difference that can, in turn, be perceived by sensory beings. Such perceptions may again make a difference that makes another difference. Etc. etc. Indeed, information usually doesn’t last long and is always in formation – i.e. in the process of becoming. And if we want to catch a glimpse of it… we are forced to make a coherent snapshot (state, being) of it – thereby and inescapably losing the dynamics of it all – ask Heisenberg.

Life itself seems to be about becoming. About continuously coming into being. A continuous cycle of being – coming – being – coming etc. etc. Information about life (coming in through senses) seems to be about successive beings (states) – from which life (in between the beings) can only be fantasised.

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